dance class


    During School Closure:

    Dear Parents and Dancers,


    Please remember to work to your own skill level and to feel proud of the progress you make.  Taking these classes in your home is something that will make you feel good!!  Never underestimate the power of a healthy body and spirit!  We will get through this - TOGETHER!  Utilize Microsoft Teams and take class with your friends - it always help to have that kind of motivation!!  Your teachers are here for you and you can reach out to me by your class dojo or Microsoft Teams as well as live through online chats and classes that will be set up.  Create a schedule for yourself and keep yourself accountable!  We will continue to add content for as long as we can do so safely.  Video classes and Zoom chats will continue for the duration until we can see each other again in person! 

     Stay healthy.  We love and miss you all.


    NOW…. GET DANCING!  You CAN do this!



    Dr. Nikki Spotts