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Caroline Tribl

Welcome: Hello dancers! My name is Caroline Tribl and this year I will be teaching 6th-8th grade dance. Our objectives are to develop dance skills with focus on the following five areas: technique, execution, performance quality, artistry, and professionalism. We will have emphasis on the techniques and styles of influential artists who have made major contributions to the world of dance. Dancers will develop a better understanding of dance history and its complexities throughout time. Our ultimate goal is to be more appreciative of dance as an art form. Finally, the dancers will learn quickly, maximize their output with dance combinations, expectations, and rise to be their own best representatives of themselves.

Biography: My love of dance started 19 years ago when I first started taking ballet, tap, and jazz. Once I became more skilled, I started competing in multiple genres. When I went to college, I started instructing dance at a local studio and teaching for the Prism Project. I recieved my Bachelor of Arts in dance and political science with a minor in French from Ball State University in May 2020. The genres/styles that I am trained in are ballet (Cecchetti technique), tap, jazz, poms, musical theatre, lyrical, contemporary, modern (Graham technique), hip hop, clogging, improvisation, and European vernacular dances. A fun fact about me is that I have been a vegan for the past 3 years.

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