• DR. Hamilton  

    I have had the honor of being the principal of Oak Hill Elementary since January 2016. Education is my passion.  As an educator, my goal is to be a tool of inspiration in order to positively influence a child’s life as a child’s most memorable experiences are those related to school. I believe it is essential to recognize that each student learns differently and at a different pace and with motivation academic success can be achieved.  I strive to impress upon students that they must make learning personal regardless of their current academic level or status. For me, empowering students to take risks to think outside the box and share their opinions in a positive learning environment provides an opportunity to reach and meet the needs of all students.   This type of learning inspires students to not only be accountable for their learning, but to become lifelong learners who determine their academic destiny. Challenging students’ minds and providing a positive learning environment will allow for student success on all levels. Student memories of one positive learning experience pave the way for more unforgettable successes.
Last Modified on August 24, 2020