Degrees and Certifications:

Ian Farmer MS. CCC-SLP

My Personal Story: 

It took me till 5th grade to be able to read at all.  While I was never formally diagnosed with learning disabilities, I struggled in school.  Working my hardest, seeing tutors, seeing teachers before and after school I often was only able to achieve Cs in many of my classes in Grade School through High School.  Largely because my robust support system and a family culture that placed high value on learning, I was able to figure out how I learned and truly thrive academically.    In undergrad I made the dean’s list most semesters.  I was admitted to a competitive graduate school program which I completed even participating in conducting original research.  I personally know what it is like to struggle academically, to try my hardest, fail over and over again but eventually succeed and even get to the point of surpassing my peers.   I know that my success came largely from the people that supported me throughout my academic journey.  It is my hope I can pass on the blessings and care I have been given and become part of the support system for students who struggle academically. 

Professional Experience/Background:

I attended Fontbonne University for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees.  In graduate school I took a learning track that allowed me to complete extra course work and clinical practice in neurological disorders and neuro-rehab.  As a result, my therapeutic approach is largely influenced by concepts and theories from doctors and researchers in brain science.  I have worked with people from 3 years old to over 100 years old.  The 2021-2022 School year is my 3nd year working for St. Louis Public Schools.   


Home Practice: 

Home practice for speech and language development should be SIMPLE, FUN and focus on CONNECTION.    

The best communication support can simply be cooking a meal together, playing together, looking at a book together, shopping for groceries together, going for a walk together, doing homework or home practice together, or even doing chores together.   If you are being present with your student or child and sharing an experience than you are already providing incredibly rich communication support without even trying.  If you are interested in providing more targeted home practice, feel free to contact me below. 

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