• I have over 30 years experience as a teacher of the gifted in St. Louis Public Schools, and hold certifications in Elementary Education, Music and Gifted Education. I currently serve as a Gifted Resource Specialist at Shaw VPA and Mallinckrodt AGI.  I have worked with Gifted & Talented programs as well as programs in Arts and Academics in the district and community for many years, including the Gifted Resource Council, College for Kids, and the St. Louis Science Center.
    I am committed to offering a comprehensive approach to gifted education designed to address the academic, social and developmental needs of gifted children. The emphasis is on developing gifted students’ sense of leadership, responsibility and respectful social interaction with others in a society which includes gifts of many kinds.
    Studies in the Shaw VPA component of this program include an accelerated pace of learning in mathematics, thematic History/ELA studies centered around authentic and classic literature, and participation in school-wide projects in which the gifted students play leadership roles, such as Chess Club and Lego Robotics. The Shaw VPA program and the Mallinckrodt AGI program utilize problem/project-based learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

    • Check for assignments under Class Assignments on this site or on the TEAMS site. Gifted/Enrichment-Ms. Gregory Rhoades

    • Learning From Home

      During this challenging time, use the "Fun At Home Learning" tab for resources and ideas for your child. Please reach out to me at Ruth.Gregory@slps.org if you need any additional enrichment ideas for your children, or contact me on Class DOJO.

      Hang in there!

    Link to Shaw Video:  https://spark.adobe.com/video/muos2LBWXpsBI
    Gifted Teacher
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