• Who Do I Contact For Help With Virtual Learning?

    Technology Device pickup/contracts and returns - Steven.lawler@slps.org

    Microsoft Teams platform and class questions - Classroom Teachers                                                                                            

    Edmentum Classes - Tamara.johnson@slps.org (grades 9-11) Daniel.tejada@slps.org (grade 12)

    Tech Help - techhelp@slps.org

    Textbooks - Alexis.mcgee@slps.org

    IB - Zachary.oreto@slps.org

    AP - Steven.lawler@slps.org

    Registration/change of address/updating email - Bobbie.richardson@slps.org

    Shot records/immunizations - Christine.nevills@slps.org

    Social/emotional needs and concerns - Tamara.johnson@slps.org

    Community resources for families - Delphia.brown@slps.org