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  • (Adapted from Roosevelt High School)

    The Student Acceptable Use Policy and Regulations governs the use of all technology in the SLPS, including cyber bullying (Mo Rev Stat 160.775)). Violations may result in loss of user privileges, suspension, expulsion and civil or criminal penalties. Students shall not have an expectation of privacy in anything they create, send, receive, or store on District technology.

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      Possession and use of cell phones, electronic cameras and electronic communication devices are prohibited on school campus. Students found in possession of cell phones, cameras and electronic devices are subject to confiscation or search and seizure. Items confiscated will only be returned to parent(s)/guardians after meeting with school officials within a reasonable time frame. SLPS personnel are not responsible or will not be held liable for electronic devices brought to school. Nor will the district be liable for the devices brought in violation of district policy and confiscated in accordance with the same.
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      Students are prohibited from taking pictures video of other students and staff. Doing so violates the privacy rights of other students and staff and is subject to discipline pursuant to district policies on acceptable use and the Family Education Right and Privacy Act (FERPA). The District monitors electronic communications and information stores on District technology in the regular course of business to protect student users and District equipment.
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      Under certain circumstances, students’ off campus use of technology that disrupts the operation of the school is also subject to discipline (i.e. use of Facebook and other media sources to harass or cyber bully). The Board reserves the right to limit Internet access to times when resources and supervision are available. The Board network is considered to be a closed forum to the extent allowed by law. Student users shall agree not to meet with persons they have met on-line (internet or intranet) unless done with the knowledge and encouragement of a Board employee for an educational purpose. Student users shall immediately disclose to their teacher or other school employee any inappropriate material they access through the computer or any message the student receives that is inappropriate or makes the user feel comfortable.