Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Brandon Thornton

Philosophy of Education

I have always appreciated using math to improve both my personal and professional life. In my personal life, playing board and card games is one of my favorite hobbies and most require substantial mathematical reasoning in order to be successful. Professionally, I have relied on mathematics daily for my entire career in ophthalmology. I regularly used math in refractometry, intraocular lens calculations, and prescribing medications during the course of working in the clinic. I’ve been training junior staff in understanding and using these numbers for the last decade.

My experience working in healthcare with the general public in the St. Louis area has shown me that many people are making bad decisions based on bad mathematical reasoning. Although some of these decisions are dictated by circumstance, many are made not fully understanding the costs and benefits. People able to accurately assess risks and rewards will have better health, career, and financial outcomes. I believe our society as a whole is improved by individuals being able to fulfill their potential, and mathematics is a skill that immediately translates into success outside of the classroom. Most importantly, I believe that students emotionally connected to their classrooms are the students most willing to learn (Emdin, 2016).

I believe that every willing student can improve their skillset, and we should all be working to continually improve our skills. I believe in frequent assessments to isolate areas of weakness, improvement, and competence to best challenge each student individually.

I look forward to hearing from parents about what skills they want to see their children master and how they use math in their everyday lives. I believe the students are best served with skills they will use both inside and outside of the classroom. Getting along with one another in our classroom is a valuable skill that can translate into being able to maintain solid professional relationships.


Emdin, Christopher. For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood - and the Rest of Y'all Too: Reality Pedagogy and Urban Education. Beacon Press, 2017. [b]