Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. McGuire

Before coming to Hamilton Elementary Ms. McGuire spent her time in the area of Cape Girardeau. She taught Art and Music for 5 years at a private school, and would sub for homeroom teachers as well. Last school year Ms. McGuire even had the opportunity to be the school cook on top of her teaching schedule.  When Ms. McGuire isn't at Hamilton you can find her studying hard in order to finish her Bachlor's, teaching Martial Arts in the evening, gardening or biking with her family or cooking on the grill for family. 

In the classroom Ms. McGuire loves to have a little fun and get a little loud, but still accomplishes things, she believes there is an adventure to be found in anything you just have to find it first. She encourages students to share ideas and to always be creative or pick up a good book when time allows.

Ms. McGuire grew up with her father in the military, she's been able to see some amazing states during that time, she has been in St. Louis city since June 2021, and has loved every moment of it; she says it reminds her of one of her favorite places growing up. She's excited to join the Hamilton Team and can't wait for the year to get started!