Welcome to the Otter Classroom!



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Kyra Smith Jones

Name:  Kyra Smith-Jones (Ms. Smith)
Email: Kyra.smith-jones@slps.org
Room Number(s):  129
Subject(s): Gifted Kindergarten
Phone: (314) 873-7798
Hello and welcome to the Otter classroom,
My name is Ms. Kyra Smith-Jones and I will be your child's Gifted Kindergarten teacher for the 2021-2022 school year. I am very excited to welcome the children back into the classroom for a creative learning year. Though there is some uncertanty about how this year will go with covid, I am confident in my ability to meet the children's educational needs. My goal is to create and maintain a safe and engaging learning environment where children will feel confident in their learning.
I beleive that learning should be student-centered, made real, and relatable to students. My classroom will be a place for the children to express themselves and partake in a diverse learning environment and curriculum. The curriculum for gifted kindergarten is accelerated, meaning that your child will be completing first grade work. The children will also have several opportunities to collaborate with the gifted 1st grade class for project-based-learning. This collaboration gives the children a positive model of how they can react to different situations both socially and academically.
A typical day in the classroom will be a combination of structured activities with intermittent breaks. In the morning the children will come in, eat their breakfast in the classroom while going over the morning message. After the morning message we take a restroom break then move on to math. During math there are usually centers mixed with direct instruction. Once math is completed we will have split ELA, lunch, recess, specials, and other activities. Please feel free to refer to the schedule once it is posted on the website.
I am so excited to partner with you and your child. Learning is a team effort with everyone involved in that childs learning experience, especially the parent. I encourage you to partner with me to provide a positive, fun and loving learning experience. Having a functional parent/teacher/student relationship is one of the most important factors when it comes to student success, and I want to provide the best possible education for your child.
I can't wait to teach and learn from your child
With Sunshine,
Kyra Smith-Jones