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Mrs. Theresa M. Davis

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  Welcome parents and students!  My name is Theresa Davis and I am the Registered Nurse at Ames VPA. This will be my 5th year working in school settings; however, I have been a registered nurse for 35 years. My goal is to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for each student.  I want children to be free of distractions and illness so that they may excel socially, emotionally and academically.  I know how important it is to be healthy and happy while learning each day.  It is my professional and personal responsibility to ensure that children have access to medicial resources, knowledge and expertise.

  Parents, please reference the following:

*  It is important to ensure that your children get plenty of sleep; elementary students needing at least 8-10 hours per night.

*  Please review the Student Health Decision Tree and follow those guidelines when students are feeling ill; if they report any abnormalties or if the behave differently.  You may need to need to stay home or seek medical treatment.  If you send your child to school ill, you will have to pick them up when they arrive at Ames VPA.  Some circumstances will call for students' retrun only with a doctor's statement. 

Please note, when a child comes to school with obvious illness and symptoms AND/OR if they report not feeling well, you will be responsible for attending to your child's immediate need (i.e., medical attention, doctor's notes for returning, and/or immediate pick-up from school). 

*  We rely on you to share with your child the importance of being honest when reporting how they are feeling (physically/medically, emotionally, etc.).

*  We must adhere to policy guidelines when children report they are ill to the nurse or staff designee.

*  Please update your emergency information (names and numbers) so that we may contact you - especially in an emergency.

*   If your child has health concerns, food allergies, etc., is it is imperative that you contact me immediately. 

*  If your child will need medication during the school day, please contact me so that I may support you with the proper documentation that you will need to complete.

Although I work at multiple schools, I offer support as best possible - when on and off site.  I want parents and guardians to know that I will continue to work with Ames team members to support students.  Please feel free to call me between the hours of 9:30 and 3:30 pm at 34.241.7165.


Mrs. Davis, RN BSN