• Sigel Elementary C.E.F.S.S. is a 3rd tier school.
    Our school day begins at 9:30a.m and dismissal is at 4:27p.m.
    Breakfast begins daily at 8:50 a.m.
    Late breakfast will not be served if a student chooses not to proceed to cafeteria upon their arrival!
    Students should be dropped off at the entrance to the playground on the McNair side of the building.  Students who want to eat breakfast should enter the building through the door from the playground and proceed directly to the cafeteria.
    No student will be allowed to enter the building through the front doors unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.
    There is NO adult supervision available for students who arrive before 9:15a.m. daily unless
    your child is enrolled in the Before Care Program run by Neighborhood Houses. Those students will enter on the Russell side of the building.