Mr. Schallert
  • Edward Schallert

    Family Community Involvement Specialist

    Humboldt Academy of Higher Learning

    314-932-5720 ext. 43206

    My name is Ed Schallert and I have 30 years of experience teaching philosophy at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. I also have experience as a support coordinator for the MO Department of Mental Health, Developmental Disability Division, for the Kansas City Regional Office. I have devoted my life to helping others learn as a faculty member and as an advocate for families who need support. I believe in communicating with understanding and compassion and life-long learning. My goal is to help families, school, and community work together to improve student life and learning as partners invested in the success of Humboldt Jaguars.

    My educational background started with a B.A. majoring in philosophy and minoring in chemistry and math. I completed my M.A. degree in philosophy and I completed coursework but never finished my Ph.D. in philosophy (all but dissertation). My research area was medieval philosophy but I taught a wide variety of classes, especially those with higher enrollment. I fell in love with teaching but never finished the research degree, however I have my first book coming out soon that I wrote about the Confessions of St. Augustine. I plan to write more but one book at a time.

    I am very happy to be here as a member of the Humboldt partnership and I look forward to doing what I can to help teachers, staff, student families, and community partners succeed in reaching their goals.