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    Friday, March 27th

    Tasks(any posted or "assigned" tasks are meant to be an extension of learning from our classroom and the district materials, complete what you are able to and remember to read, talk and play!):

    • If you picked up/printed off the Continuous Learning Packet, materials will cary through April 3rd.
    • ELA: Read for 20 minutes(or more) using GetEpic! class code ECN8075 or reading materials at home then journal in a notebook or scratch paper, here is an example. I have organized and assigned books to your child by Guided Reading Level. They can read these books and a book of choice. 
    • Math: If you have access to technology try logging into Pearson Realize math and explore the sight, log in with your child's first initial,last name, and stix(mine would be kvastisstix) Password is "foxroom201" I will begin assigning practice and quick checks later in the week/next week. For the time being I want everyone to log in and become comfortable with the site. 
    • Science: I will post one mystery per week, this week watch the exploration "Why do we wear clothes?"   on Mystery Science.  There is a bonus activity, extra reading, and online simulations on the right handside of the page if you are able to try them or are looking for more for your student to do!
    • Social Studies: I have assigned books on Epic! that should pop up when logged in. They are about cost/benefit and economics, which is our current social studies unit. 
    • PE and Related Arts: if you are not already using GoNoodle, here is how to set it up on mobile or streaing devices it is great for recess and PE type skills and offers dancing, yoga, and workouts. Ms. Mullins has created an art bingo board as an extension of art class. Ms. White has also created a dance challenge and exercises to practice at home. 
    • For anyone trying to maintain as close our class schedule as possible, I have posted our class schedule here as a reference. 

    Topics Week of 3/30




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