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    Name: Rajae' White
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    Dear Parents,

    The objective of the physical education program is to develop active minds and bodies by promoting physical activities, skills, attitudes and knowledge that will allow students to live healthy and productive lives.


    Physical education is a fundamental part of your child’s education. Please ensure that your child is dressed properly for P.E. class. The attire for girls and boys is athletic shoes, socks, shorts and pants.  Help us to maximize safety by not sending your child to school with sandals,  non athletic or slippery dress shoes.  It is encouraged that girls wear pants or shorts on their P.E. day.  Skorts, skirts and dresses may get caught under scooters and may obstruct their view during activities on the mats.  Necklaces, bracelets and hanging earrings are discouraged on days that your child attends P.E.  Pants and shorts should be worn by all students attending physical education classes. Limited time and lack of space does not permit your child to change into attire for P.E. class, so if at all possible please send your child already dressed for class.


    This year the students are taking P.E. on an A B C D rotating basis. Some weeks they will have P.E. twice and sometimes three times a week. The best way to remember your child’s physical education schedule is to plan for your child to take P.E every other school day. Your child’s classroom teacher generally will inform you and/or your child of the rotation calendar.



    Please inform us if your child has a medical issue that may affect him/her in class.


    A specific schedule will be sent home when it has been determined.




    Stix Early Childhood Center

    Physical Education Dept.

    Rajae' White


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Last Modified on March 21, 2019