Physical Education and Health

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Ms. Schmidt

Hello Liger students and parents!

I'm Ms. Schmidt. I am ecstatic to be the Physical Education teacher here at Lyon!

I love swimming, riding my bike, rock climbing, kayaking, and  backpacking... pretty much anything that gets me out in nature

***When I was a lifeguard at a summer camp in Farmington Missouri, I swam 3.5 miles across the camp lake (#humblebrag).***

I've lived in South City for 10 years and am planning on staying here for a long time; I need to see all the trees I planted in my yard grow tall! ♣

Our physical and mental health have gone through a lot during this pandemic, so having fun and taking care of our bodies and minds in P.E. is all the more important. My expectation is that students participate to the very best of their abilities.

I am happy to be back at Lyon this fall and am overjoyed that I'm in a position where I get to work with every student in the school! I've met so many cool kids from Pre-K all the way up to 8th grade, and can't wait to play sports and games, dance, and have important and exciting conversations with you all. See you in the gym!


Ms. Schmidt (she/her)