• Welcome to Physical Education at Ames VPA.
    The purpose of Physical Education is to educate the children in health related issues such as exercising, eating the right food, using personal hygiene and becoming good sports either when we win or lose.  All of these issues help the children become better students which in the future will help fulfill their lives when they become parents.
    food power 1AIM for Fitness
    The classes here at Ames VPA are structured to make students push their physical limits to the max.  We want them to be challenged both mentally and physically. 
    Please encourage your child to work hard in Physical Education just as they would in any other class because it will only benefit them in many different ways.  Physical Education is a class, not extended recess.  Please send your child to school on their P.E. day dressed and ready to participate.  Make sure if they have any health issue to please let me know so we can make accommodations for them.
    This year we were one of 16 schools in the State of Missouri to picked to do the Aim for Fitness program.  This program helped us attain more equipment and is working to make your kids healthier.  This grant helped a lot.
    Thank you and let us have a wonderful healthy year. 
    We will be doing a great golf program this year as we are winding down on the fitness test. 
Last Modified on September 30, 2016