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Mr. Jason Randecker

Welcome to Mr. Jason Randecker's Art Class! I'm thrilled to be your guide on this creative journey. When I'm not in the classroom, you can find me pursuing my passions, including playing the bass guitar, fishing, cooking, hunting, kayaking, and spending quality time with my family. As your art teacher, I believe in fostering an environment where creativity knows no bounds. Art class is not just about learning techniques and skills; it's a space where self-expression, imagination, and discovery come together. I'm excited to explore the world of art with each of you, encouraging you to tap into your unique artistic voices and create masterpieces that reflect your individuality. Let's embark on this artistic adventure together and make the most of our time in the colorful realm of creativity! 

Art Appreciation: Welcome to Art Appreciation with a hands-on twist! In this engaging course, we'll embark on a fascinating journey through the rich tapestry of artistic expression across different cultures and time periods. Beyond traditional lectures and slideshows, our class is designed to be immersive and interactive. Get ready to dive into history by recreating iconic artworks, experimenting with diverse artistic techniques, and even engaging in hands-on activities inspired by the great masters. Whether we're sculpting like Michelangelo, painting in the style of the Impressionists, or crafting ancient artifacts, you'll not only learn about art history but experience it firsthand. Let's explore the evolution of human creativity together, making art history a dynamic and memorable adventure!

Printmaking Class, where creativity meets the tangible art form! In this course, we'll explore the captivating world of printmaking techniques, from linocuts to etchings. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into hands-on activities that bring your artistic visions to life. From carving intricate designs into blocks to experimenting with various printing methods, you'll develop a deep understanding of the printmaking process. Join me in this journey of discovery, where each impression tells a unique story and every print becomes a testament to your creative expression. Let's make lasting impressions together in the fascinating realm of printmaking!

Introduction to Art Class: This course is a gateway to the world of artistic exploration, where creativity knows no bounds. We'll embark on a journey that introduces fundamental art concepts, techniques, and various mediums. From drawing basics to color theory, we'll lay the foundation for your artistic journey. The class is designed to be inclusive and engaging, welcoming students of all skill levels. Through a series of hands-on activities, discussions, and exposure to diverse artistic styles, you'll not only learn about art but also discover and nurture your unique creative voice. Join me as we dive into the vibrant and inspiring universe of art together!