Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Camesha Wilbon

Room: A241


Grades: 11th & 12th 

Programs: Career and Technical Education

Position: CTE Business Technology Teacher

Subjects: Cybersecurity, Advanced Microsoft Word

Building Phone: 314-533-9487

Office hours: 7:50 AM - 3:15PM

About Me: 
My journey started in the Information Technology field back in 1997.  I have over five years of experience as  an Adjunct Professor teaching at technical colleges on a Bachelor and Associates of Applied Science level in Information Technology. Vashon High School is my first-year teaching in Secondary Education.  In my previous job role, I drove alignment with evolving organizational standards by actively participating in team conferences to stay abreast of new security requirements, policies, and implementations. Seamlessly integrate processes by efficiently managing onboarding for incoming pharmaceutical employees through effective new-hire training sessions. Guaranteed swift resolution of complex issues by following through on escalated tickets and effectively delegating tasks to the appropriate teams. Strengthened flexibility and adherence to standards in the ever-changing organizational environment by fostering seamless collaborations and staying updated on evolving policies, procedures, and implementations. Delivered informed guidance to internal and external stakeholders on reliable replacement part providers through effective governance of approved vendor lists for hardware repairs. Provided concise explanations of solutions to promptly restore service and enhance overall system functionality by pinpointing issues through deep dive analysis and effective problem solving. Successfully tackled a myriad of technical challenges spanning multiple systems and applications, driving seamless resolution for customers and end-users dispersed across diverse time zones. Accomplishments: PROJECT MANAGEMENT & DECISION MAKING •    Bolstered customer experience delivered project requirements within deadlines, and promoted adherence to organizational goals by formulating, implementing, leading, and communicating project plans/deadlines. •    Enabled improvements in operational efficiency and consistently delivered exceptional service by addressing project/business roadblocks, spearheading problem-resolution initiatives, and integrating effective solutions. •    Supported business leaders with informed decision-making within the organization by conducting in-depth research, collecting information from diverse sources, and presenting insightful results. IT & ASSET MANAGEMENT  •    Oversaw a $20-million internal inventory of laptops, computers, consumables, and accessories, implementing strategic inventory control measures for optimal resource utilization. •    Sustained optimal inventory levels, smooth equipment transfers, and efficient deployment strategies by supporting the synergies of the IT Asset Management and Desktop Support teams. •    Optimized upgraded equipment functionality through validation of completed queries from cross-functional teams, scrutinizing diagnostics to address technical issues, troubleshooting new devices, and implementing IT solutions

Degrees & Certifications:

Master Business Administration;

Bachelor of Science Information Security Systems,

AAS Computer Networking Systems 

Instructional Resources:


Vashon High School Classroom Management Plan

Ms. Camesha D. Wilbon


Classroom Rules

  • Be punctual .
  • Be always respectful to others as well as yourself.
  • Use kind words and manners.
  • Voice level 0 when listen.
  • Voice level 1 for classroom activities.
  • Positive and friendly tone when speaking to others.
  • Allow others to learn ( DO NOT DISTRUBE THE OTHERS).
  • Raise your hand to get my attention. (Voice level 0).
  • Scholars will ask permission to use the rest room during class with a permission slip.
  • Absolutely no cell phone usage in class.
  • Enter & Leave class respectful and (voice level 1).
  • Attention Getter:  If you can hear me clap once (voice level 0)

Be Responsible

  • Give best effort.
  • Start working on Do now when you enter the class (voice level)
  • Come prepared to learn (material, behavior, attitude).
  • Stay on task- Finish task.
  • Listen and follow directions, quickly and the first time (voice level 0)
  • Be accountable.
  • Clean your seating area daily.

Be Safe

  • Keep hands and feet to your self ( stay in your own space)
  • Walk safely.
  • Stay in classroom / school and stay with your group.
  • Keep your feet on the floor.
  • Keep all chair legs on the floor.
  • Positive Reinforcement / Award System
  • Scholars of the week & month pictures posted on wall.
  • Attendance / Class participation will have VIP teacher helper necklace tag.
  • Special weekly/monthly rewards are given to those who have met the Respectful, Responsible and safety class expectations. 
  • Thank you cards for academic achievements / call home to parents (updating)


  • 1st  Warning Verbal reminder of expectations. (Reset offer in class,

De-escalation strategies used to assist scholar to regain control and prepare to

regain control and meet expectations).

  • 2nd Warning Verbal warning and phone call (parent).
  • 3rd Warning Verbal warning conversation with parent and scholar.
  • 4th Warning Verbal warning referral to support staff.


  • Homework will be giving once a week.
  • 1 Quiz per week (tracking/ standards ).
  • Missed assignments will be posted electronically on Teams & Class
  • Missed assignments will be physically turned in class. (No Emails).

Late Policy/ Assignments

When you arrive to class, please make sure to complete your Do Now & Exit Slips. Exit Slips and Do

Now’s cannot be made up.  This is for in class only   (No Exceptions)

Do Now’s are worth 5 points.

Exit Slips are worth 3 Points.

If you attend class and do not complete the Do Now or Exit Slips you will receive 1 point in SIS K because you were present but neglected to complete the task.

Assignments 1 month old can not be turned in the following month.  Late assignments can be made up within  two-week time frame ( No Exceptions).  Unless approved by me. have their own points and will not be changed. Assignments without points will be based on the number of questions you have.

Cengage assignments are graded once you submit your assignments.  Grades are transferred by me into SIS K.  I will add additional in-class assignments for points such as Do Now’s & Exit Slips.

Do Now’s are worth 5 points.

Exit Slips are worth 3 points.

Cengage Assignments are late after 1 week. ( Unless approved)