Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Michelle Sereday

HI I'm Michelle Sereday, an algebra teacher at Vashon High School. I love mathematics. I went to college in 2014 as a math major and physics minor from Aquinas College Grand Rapids, Mi. and earned my Bachelors degree in Math and Physics.I started teaching in 2020 at St. Louis Teacher Residency at Washington University. I am set to graduate in the summer of 2024 with my Masters of Teaching and Learning. I'm a mother of two teenagers myself and when I see the students I see my children. 


Algebra Double Dose

A Day                                                                                                                B Day

1st Period 8:10-9:30                                                                                      5th Period 8:10-9:30

Ms. Sereday's 1st Hour | General | Microsoft Teams                                    Ms. Sereday's 5th Hour | General | Microsoft Teams

Advisory 9:35-10:15                                                                                     Advisory 9:35-10:15

3rd period 12:15-1:35                                                                                  7th Period 12:15-1:35

Ms. Sereday's 3rd Hour | General | Microsoft Teams                                    Ms. Sereday's 7th Hour | General | Microsoft Teams

4th period 1:40-3:02                                                                                    8th Period 1:40-3:02

Ms. Sereday's 4th Hour | General | Microsoft Teams                                    Ms. Sereday's 8th Hour | General | Microsoft Teams


Here is a link to DESMOS which is an application that can help them with graphing