• Dear Parent,

    The District has received some concerns about the earliest start times (7:10am) for many of the District's schools. In light of these concerns, the District is considering shifting all schools to start 20 minutes later. This means that every student will be picked up in the morning 20 minutes later than they currently are and dropped off in the afternoon 20 minutes later.  Before making a decision, Dr. Adams is seeking feedbacl from those involved.  We look forward to receiving your comments.

    To see a copy of the letter sent by Dr. Kelvin Adams to District families, please click here.


    To see a power point presentation pertaining to the proposed bell time changes, please click here.


    To take a very brief survey about the proposed changes to the 2012 school bell times, please click here.


    To leave your comments via telephone, please call (314) 345-4636,


    The deadline to provide feedback on this issue is Friday, May 18, 2012.

    Thank you.