Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Barbara Huddleston


How nice of you to visit me and show an interest in who I am and what I do at Carnahan High School of the Future. This year is my 13th year working at Carnahan, but my 20th year with the SLPS District. Previously, I worked as the parent liaison at Kennard Classical Junior Academy.

After serving as the Carnahan Family and Community Specialist for eight years, I became the Book Clerk/Treasurer a little more than three years ago. I love this job. Why? One reason is I love books -- for pleasure, for learning, for information, or for clarification. Having the opportunity to be surrounded by books on a daily basis is pretty cool to me. What makes this job so interesting is the fact that I get to do various things like manage the school's checkbook, pay bills, and order supplies. Additionally, I get to interact with students when issuing books, assigning lockers, producing photo IDs, and just having conversations.

When I arrive in the morning, I have a ritual to get my day started. I turn on the floor lamp outside of the book room/office in what I call the book room annex. Once inside the book room, I turn on the desk light on the front table from which I usually distribute books, and I open the laptop that sits on that table. Then I turn on the lamps on my file cabinet, desk and credenza. Sounds like overkill on the lighting, doesn't it? But it really makes me feel comfortable and highlights the most important working areas for me. I log on to my desktop computer making sure I open the browsers I will need for the various websites I need to use and I also open email. Then I flick the switch on my teapot to make my morning cup of tea, which I generally sip on during most of the morning hours.  When all of that is done, I'm ready to work. Actually, I am ready to work when I step in the door because sometimes my morning ritual is delayed or interrupted by a student or teacher who needs something before my ritual is complete. One has to be flexible when working at a school. Things happen and change quickly during the course of the day.

I guess that's enough about me. If you want to know more, you'll have to come visit me -- hopefully after the morning ritual is complete. I'm much more pleasant then. :-) Thanks for reading.