• Kevin Pulley
    Name: Kevin Pulley
    Room Number(s): Carnahan Media Center
    * TV/Radio Production/Internship/ Per. 2,3,4
    * Career Development/ Per. 5
    *Intro TV/ Per. 6
    *Advanced TV 3/4/ Per. 8
     About Mr. Pulley
    A love for television, radio, and history has guided Mr. Pulley's passion for teaching students about the importance of engaging in our world with a well-informed perspective.  Mr. Pulley joined the Carnahan High School staff in 2006.  Mr. Pulley's Television and Radio classes are part of the St. Louis Public Schools Department of Career and Technical Education (CTE).
    Prior to teaching at Carnahan, Mr. Pulley was a teacher at Carr Lane Middle School and also hosted a local radio show for 10 years.  Mr. Pulley currently coaches baseball at Carnahan. An avid sports fan and author of the book Blackball: the story of black baseball (1996), Mr. Pulley has also coached football, girls basketball, and softball at Carnahan High School.