Meet the Teacher

  • MSgt Paine

    Welcome to my page!
    Name: MSgt (Ret) Belinda Paine
    (See Teacher's Bio for More Info & Photos)
    (Please include, student, parent/guardian, and
    Mr. Steven Clay;
    Course:  AFJROTC Leadership 1 (AS-1) 
    Phone: 618-623-9154 (Parents/Guardians only  unless on
    a conf call with student).  I will be available from 0800
    to 0900 on A days and between 1500 and 1600 Mon-Fri. 


     SLPS Resources (District/school links for virtual support and other pertinent information)
    During this very surreal and challenging period communication continues to be pivotal in helping our students
    prepare for the 2020/2021 school year.  I can be reached via my SLPS email, phone, or, through our Gateway
    STEM HS MO-851 AFJROTC Facebook page.  Please ensure you follow district policy on communication between
    staff and students.  I update the MO-851st AFJROTC Facebook page as I receive new information.  I also post
    photos and other interesting / entertaining photos and quotes.  

    What is AFJROTC?

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