• Music Class
    Classroom Goals and Expectations
    Elementary Music Class
    Ms. Stacie Powell, Teacher
    The ultimate goal of music class at Ashland Elementary is beginning musical literacy. In other words, by 6th Grade, students will be improvising, reading, notating, and composing music at a basic level. This is accomplished through using the  SLPS Music Curriculum. In addition, students will learn about basic styles of music, composers, and instruments, and their place in the world, culture, and history.
    Preschoolers, Kindergartners, and 1st Graders spend most of their music time:
         • developing the basic skills of moving and playing to the steady beat,
         • developing the use of their natural singing voice (light and high),
         • and developing an enjoyment of music.
    In 2nd through 6th Grade, more concrete skills and knowledge are taught, all the while reinforcing the above skills. Students will:
         • learn basic rhythmic and melodic notation
         • learn about composers and their music
         • study different styles of music (folk, classical, world, etc.)
         • begin the study of 2 and 3 part singing
         • learning basic singing techniques
    Student Expectations: The Music Room expectations align with the school-wide PBIS program.
         - Be Safe 
         - Be Respectful 
         - Be Responsible
         - Be Intentional
         - Be Diligent