• Mr. Harshman
    Name: Erik D. Harshman
    Room Number(s): 427 East
    Subject(s): Communication Arts
    Building Phone: 776-3300 Ext. 14370
    Teacher Message: Welcome!
    Biography: Mr. Harshman holds a BA from the Santa Fe University of Art and Design and a Masters from Webster University. He is a published author and works evenings as an adjunct college professor.
    Class Schedule:
    A-Days (Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays):
    1st period - Plannning period (7:10-8:43am)
    2nd period - Senior AP Lit. and Language  (8:50 - 10:21am)
    Lunch - 10:21 - 10:51am
    3rd period - American Literature (11am - 12:29pm)
    4th period - American Literature (12:35pm - 2:07pm)
    B-Days (Tuesdays & Thursdays):

    5th period - American Literature (7:10-8:43am)
    6th period - American Literature (8:50 - 10:21am)
    Lunch - 10:21 - 10:51am
    7th period - American Literature (11am - 12:29pm)
    8th period - Planning Period (12:35pm - 2:07pm)