• Welcome to Mr. Dressel's teaching website.

    As we adjust to virtual learning, students--your patience and suggestions are welcome. 

    Best way to contact me is through email which is readily searchable via the SLPS system.  Remember:  "office.portal.com" through most browsers and then type in your user account but don't forget to add ___@slps.org at the end.  Then enter your password and you should see your virtual resources available through SLPS.  

    My email address is frank.dressel@slps.org.  I welcome and look forward to your mail.  Remember, when I reply to you, I'll cc a parent listed in your database.  I suggest you include/cc your parent/parents you want me to include to save me time.

    My virtual office hours are 9 to 10 AM and 2 to 3 pm although typically you can email me any day before 7 pm (I know students are now typically sleeping in now well past 7 am) and I'll see and it and respond ASAP.

    Right now I suspect most of my teaching and learning will be through Microsoft Teams which is one of the apps available through office.portal and SLPS.org.  Below are our teams for my three courses and their links:

    Engineering Design and Development (EDD) period 7:  Engineering Design and Development (EDD) Team

    Principles of Engineering (POE) periods 1 and 3:  Principles of Engineering (POE)

    Robotics Year One periods 2, 6, and 8:  Robotics Year One Team

    Finally, please do be safe and try and follow all the evolving health guidelines.  As an old guy, perhaps more vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus than a teenager, I've never been healthier than I am now with all this physical isolation.  Let's all do our part in slowing the spread of the virus and avoiding a "St. Louis Hotspot."  I'm truly looking forward to seeing all you folks again in person.


    Frank Dressel