• Ms. Lucero
    Name: Marie Lucero
    Current Classes with LINKS to class TEAMS:
         AP English Literature and Composition: AP Lit
         Intro to Art: Hour 4, Hour 5Hour 6, Hour 7
    (Parents may visit the SUBJECT TAB on the left to see the current    
         assignments for each class. Email questions to me.)
    Office Hours:
         Email: Messages will be checked Mon-Fri by 3:00pm
         Teams: Teams will be checked at least once daily
         *Student work will be graded & posted in the same amount
              (after the due date)of time the student is given to
              complete the work (usually ONE WEEK).
         *Students may request information at any time and will be 
              answered either individually or (if the question is
              relevant) answered in the group posts, or discussion.  
    Teacher Message:
    My main goal in class is to create critical thinkers.
    BA in English: Fontbonne University '03
    Master of Administration: Lindenwood University '09
    Master of Arts - Creative Writing: Lindenwood University '13