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    Name: Kevin B.Eads, M.Ed.
    Email: kevin.eads@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 207 & 208
    Subject(s): American History, US Government, World History, Reading Intervention, and Personal Finance 
    Building Phone: 314-776-6040 x46232
    Teacher Message: Greetings students and parents, my name is Kevin Eads. Welcome to my site!  It is a real pleasure to welcome you all back to the 2017-2018 school year! This marks my 12th year at Roosevelt and I am grateful to be returning.  Parents, if we have not already met, either in person or via phone call...we will.  If I don't reach you first, PLEASE feel free to reach out.  I welcome the opportunity to work with all of you to assure our students' successes! 
     1. Job title / Duties: As a Special Education Case Manager in a St. Louis Public high school some of my duties beyond teaching classes include determining the best course for action in meeting the needs of my students.  In addition to developing Individual Education Plans for the students I serve, I reach out to their other teachers to assure personal needs are met and goals are reached.  I also look forward to meeting and meeting with parents in order to help in determining how to best guide our students to academic and personal success.
    2. Education: secondary and post-secondary:  I attended Northern Arizona University way back in the day and studied extensively in the liberal arts.  I attained a BA in English Literature in 1996.  I returned to graduate school at UMSL 2005 and have since attained certifications in Special Education, English for Speakers Of Other Languages, a Masters Degree in Education, and certification as a Reading Specialist.
    3. Hobbies/ Interests:  When I'm not attending school, or teaching school, I love to be out in nature. I enjoy camping and fishing with my wife and my dog whenever I can.
    My other great interest is learning.  In order that we might reach our goal of every student achieving their goals, I continually strive to find new ways to share this with them. 
    4. Upcoming Activities:  My wife and I are planning a trip to the Philipines sometime (?) in the near future to visit family and friends. That is where she is from and have not been back in a long time.
    5. Philosophy Statement & Professional Goal:  It is my belief that anyone can learn when adequately motivated and their individual needs are being met.  It is my ever continuing goal to learn how best to meet those needs for our students... all of them.