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    Name: Dr. Ayse G, Stromsdorfer

    Room Number(s): 215
    Subject(s): ESOL, English
    Building Phone: 314-367-9222/44214

    Teacher Message:

     Read, think, write, and learn;
     that's the surest way to earn....( knowledge, respect, and money, of course).

     My present courses are Literature 150 E, 250 E, ESOL 4, and ESOL Academic Supportand.
    Below you'll find  the current and course descriptions and syllabi.  


    Mrs. Stromsdorfer, (Ph.D.)                                                                Soldan I.S.H.S.  215


    Biography: Originally from Turkiye( Turkey), I have been living here in the U.S. for a long time. I was born in Istanbul, but lived in Ankara, where I attended Ankara Koleji, a  private prep. school, and Ankara University, Faculty of Letters, where I majored  in English Philology and Literature, and minored in Latin, Classical Literature, Dramaturgy, and Educational Pedagogy. later I earned an M.A. in English Literary studies, an M.S. in Counseling, and a PhD in English/ ESL at SLU, my latest Alma Mater.
     I have had the good fortune to teach in several countries. My education is ongoing. One of the pleasures of life is learning about the world around us; traveling affords me the chance to learn about other countries and cultures.  

    Course Syllabus ( Combined)                                   

    Soldan International Studies High School

    ESOL 4,  ESOL Read/Write, /Literature  Freshman English E, World Literature 250 E; Academic  Language (Vocabulary) Support, and Study Skills as required.


    Mrs. Stromsdorfer,  Ph.D., Rm.: 215 ; 314-367-9222/44214


    Course Overview:

     In  all our classes we will build a system of learning and improving all four  English domain skills through interaction and communication, with the further goal of orientation to the students’ new environment. Our lessons will emphasize the importance of learning to read, write, speak, research, discuss, debate, organize thoughts to think in English, and expand the learning process to lead to an automatic ally critical and analytical thought process. Mutual understanding and respect for one another in class is one of our primary goals.


    The above concepts are in keeping with the "Missouri  Performance Standards” adjusted from the Common Core Standards, and the  WIDA ESOL standards aligned  to TESOL  National Standards.



     The students are all expected to bring to class the following materials needed to complete the work we will be doing in class; as well, they will be expected to do assignments at home:

    ·     Pen and pencil

    ·      eraser and sharpener

    ·     Lined paper

    ·     Notebook and 2 folders ( one to remain in class as portfolio); color code will be determined later on.

    ·     ( If I have to provide these, expect to pay for them)



     Freshman  Literature 150  E: Text Book : Glencoe Course 4 with the supporting  soft-cover Reader; Grammar worksheets; vocabulary development using Affixes books.  Short stories, poetry selections; a novel: To Kill A Mockingbird;  a Shakespearean play: The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet;  and a Homeric epic poem: The Odyssey. Re-designed EOC Curriculum will be followed in  class to be supplemented by non-fiction texts to adhere to the Common Core requirements.  Additional take-home   books will be distributed t and later returned.


    World Literature 250 E: Text book:  Glencoe World Literature with supplementary  readers; Affix studies from texts and “Do-now” exercises, Step-up to- Writing guidelines and teacher-generated writing packet to assist in writing four types of essays to present; EOC/ Common Core  skills practice tests. Nectar in a Sieve; Night, Oedipus Rex and important selections from other well-known world literary  writings. Research – individual and group. 




    ESOL 4:  To be offered in conjunction with one of the literature courses to aid in  improving listening  comprehension, reading, writing, and grammar skills. EDGE text with supplementary levelled readers; online course on MYNGConnect.


     Our aim will be to work towards learning and mastering the  assigned lessons either through lectures, discussion, Project-based learning, group work pertinent to SIOP practices,  or through class readings and individual research.  Grades will be based on the effort put forth by the student and the improvement of skills during the year. It is the students’ responsibility  to make up any missed work due to any absence by checking with the teacher or classmates. Late work will not be accepted after the first three weeks of school when class changes are not uncommon.


    In accordance with our school policy, all students must observe the following class rules:


    ·     Come to class regularly and on time and take your assigned seat right away

    ·     Obey school rules: no eating,

    ·     Be respectful of others  in manners and language

    ·     Participate in class actively by answering questions individually, or work in groups quietly

    ·     Prepare your lessons regularly; do your homework assignments on time.


    ·     Bring a class folder and keep all work( homework / class-work) in it for grades

    ·    Keep all graded and returned work in your folders; to verify grades received, chart progress on graph.


    Attendance and all work will be graded according to matrix shown below, with  possible alteration—at the discretion of the teacher-- in favor of the student if serious, conscious effort has been spent by the student throughout the year:


     In  Literature classes,  we are expected to achieve a passing, or proficient, grade on all Benchmarks and  the End of Course   (EOC)state exams. This means a student who is not working towards that goal and does not seem proficient, as evidenced by the practice tests,  will receive a failing grade for the course. Please initial here to indicate that you have understood the  implication: __________________


    Students will have to maintain their portfolios to  demonstrate to  themselves,  to me, to their families and to the school officials that they have been doing the assigned work and benefiting from it as can be seen in the gradual improvement  of their  writing  samples in mechanics, format and content.


    Midterm and Final grades will be based the %100 average on the following criteria over 1000 points per school year:

    ·     Attendance ……………………………   25%      

    ·     Class participation (performance)…         10%       

    ·     Homework and class- projects…………. 10%      

    ·     Quizzes and tests………………………   15%       

    ·     Finals/ EOC practice tests…………         40% 



    Students failing to do the work or meet the class expectations will be warned in the following manner: Oral warning, conference in hall straight away, telephone call to parent or guardian, and written referral to Counselor or Disciplinarian. Unabashed disrespectful behavior or foul language in class, or repeated severe misbehavior will not be tolerated, but will result in referral to school administrator for disciplinary action.

    Computer assisted writing   will be practiced to reflect the skills improvement of each student using the  following organizational and thematic essay contents:

    1.descriptive  2. Narrative   3. classification   4.  argumentative/ persuasive   5. process   6. expository

           7. comparative   8. pro/con( for/against) 9. Fiction/non-fiction responses ,  and 10.  summaries.


    Please observe these guidelines; ask your parent to assist you.  Ask your parent/guardian to sign below:


    Student Name:________________________________________Signature_____________________________


    Parent name:___________________________________Signature:______________________________





    Refer to these questions in your studies as well as readings:

    “What does it mean to be a part of this world? What struggles shape and define human existence?” These are some of the crucial questions our selected readings will help guide us in our search for understanding life and culture  in other societies.



    If you need to contact me for any  reason, my email address and phone # are above.