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    Name: Mr. Jennings
    Email: ron.jennings@slps.org
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    Virtual Office Hours 7 am - 12 noon
    9-10:30 for specified teams (please see teams for times.
    Can e-mail anytime. Will respond within 24 hours (except when grading assignments that will take a little longer).
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    Room Number(s):309
    Subject(s):Arts and Crafts of the World, Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, Introduction to Art,
    *AP Studio Art 2D and 3D
    (AP Studio Art pre-requiste for 2D Introduction to Art, Drawing and Painting; for 3D Ceramics, must have earned A/B in class and teacher recommendation).
    Building Phone: 314-367-9222 ext 44329
    AP Studio Art Submission update (March 30, 2020)
    AP Studio Art
    Teacher Message: Never know what you are capable of doing until you try.
    "Poor Planning Produces Poor Projects!"

    In the Disney/Pixar movie "Ratatouille" the main message is "Any body can cook!" I use that saying in the artroom where "Any body can draw!" When you have the desire, passion, and willingness to try as well as a willingness to practice is when you can become a true artist. Some people have the talent but not the passion where others may not think their art is very good but are willing to try. The later group of people are the ones who will be much more successful in art or any other field the student wishes to pursue. Failure leads to success as long as you learn from your previous mistake(s). For example some critics of Thomas Edison said he failed 1,500 times in creating the incandescent light bulb. But Edison says
    "No I did not fail I just found 1,500 ways on how NOT to make the light bulb and one way to make it work."
    Thomas Jefferson also said: "Many people stop trying when they are just short of greatness!"
    All students have talent but it is getting the student to see where their talents lie whether it is in art or some other field.

    I encourage students to try and fail and then try again. Students need to learn to take these educational risks and learn it is ok if something is not done right the first time. I have seen to many students struggle and become frustrated when their project is not "perfect." I kindly tell them that art takes many years to "perfect." Even then the artist feels their project is still not perfect but we keep on trying. With that said what I really would like the students to learn is to learn to develop different ideas for a project (planning), learn to pick the best solution to develop the project (execution), and learn to reflect about what they did in order to complete the project (evaluation).

    MN Stars Gorlock BSA

    I grew up here in the St. Louis area living in Florissant graduating from McCluer North High School. I was a scholar athlete participating in Cross Country, Swimming, and Track. I started my college career with a Swimming Scholarship to Southwest Missouri Sate University (Missouri State) and graduating from Webster University with a Bachelor of Arts – Studio Art emphasizing in Graphic Design (didn’t have the Graphic Design degree yet, more to this story) in 1997. Prior to completing my BA at Webster U. I did graduate from St. Louis Community College at Meramec with a Certificate of Specialization in Desktop Publishing and an Associate in Applied Science in Advertising Design and Commercial Art. In addition I also spent a year at Bailey Technical School (before it became ITT Technical School) earning a Engineering Drawing Degree. After bouncing around in the Graphic Design Industry for 15 years a pair of Scouting friends suggested I should become an Art Teacher because of my work with youth. After being hit over the head with that 2x10 (the 2x4 broke) I went back to Webster University getting my Teaching Certificate in 2002 (started teaching in Jan. 2002) and earning my Master of Art in Teaching – Communication emphasizing Visual Arts in 2003.

    Beagel Scout

    In addition I am a life long member of the Boy Scouts of America. I am an Eagle Scout, have received numerous awards over the years for my work with youth in the Greater St. Louis Area Council, B.S.A. The highlight of my Scouting career, next to earning the Eagle Scout Rank, is when I was awarded the Silver Beaver, the highest award a local council can bestow on a volunteer.

    I am married with two grown daughters. My oldest daughter recently graduated from Southeast Missouri State University and is also teaching in the St. Louis Area.

    Lastly I belong to two professional art organizations as well as part of their operating Board of Directors:

    Missouri Art Education Association
    Historian/Photographer/Special Projects

    Missouri Alliance for Art Education
    Photographer/ Special Projects