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    Name: Aldrich E. Cleark
    Room Number(s): 005
    Subject(s): Leadership Education and Training (LET)
    Building Phone: (314)345-6910
     Teacher Message:  Welcome to a new school year, Bulldogs!  I look forward to serving you and making sure you have an enjoyable and successful year by becoming a part of the school.  There are many programs that you can join to help make your school an enjoyable place to meet new friends, learn, and mold your future.  
    Hello, I'm Master Sergeant Aldrich E. Cleark.  I'm the Junior Reserve officer Training Corps (JROTC) Senior Army Instructor at Sumner high school.  I began teaching JROTC in 2006 after retiring from the Army after 25 years of service.  I have an Education Specialist degree from Lindenwood Unversity and a Bachelors of Arts degree in Business Management from Columbia College.  
    I'm a member of the American Legion and American Veterans Association, which believe in the ideas of America and supporting the communities they serve.    
    My educationa philosophy,  I believe that students are responsible for their education and the teacher is the facilitator.  I believe challenged students gather and retain information at a faster rate and discover i fun it is to learn.  I try to be firm and consistent with my students to minimize distraction in the classroom and foster a culture of independent learners.  
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