• Principal: Tierrus Nance

    Academic Instructional Coach: Kristine Kovarik

    Secretary: Melody Clay

    Parent/Community Specialist: Denise Atkins

    Grades Served: Pre-K through 5th Grade

    Enrollment: 100 Scholars

    Pick Up/Drop Off: 


    Morning Arrival:


    • Clay Academy prides itself on having high attendance rates in the district and the state.
    • Attendance for state reporting is calculated by the minute.
    • The state requires students to be at school 90% of the time.
    • Students who arrive after 8:00 am must go to the office to receive a late pass and amount of time a student is late affects their 90% requirement.
    • All absences require a doctor’s note.


    • All students are expected to be in uniform every day. The uniforms consist of pants and a polo shirt with a collar.
    • Pants: khaki or navy
    • Shirts: navy, light blue, white, or red
    • Ladies may wear skirts or jumpers, but they must hang lower than their fingertips when arms are held at their sides. Shorts should be worn under skirts.

    Early Release:

    • Students must be in school for the entire day as minutes are counted by the state.
    • Please make arrangements for appointments outside of school hours.

    Visitors in the Building:

    • Visitors are not permitted in the buidling at this tine. 


    • Volunteers are always welcome. However, all volunteers must have an approved Volunteer Application on file.
    • All volunteers, even if it is only on one occasion, must have an approved Volunteer Application on file.
    • Parents are not permitted on field trips unless they have an approved Volunteer Application on file.
    • Volunteers have been restricted to "virtual" interaction with scholars and families. 


    • Under Construction


  • Clay's vision is to provide a setting where all students are encouraged to strive for excellence academically, socially, and emotionally in a safe and supportive atmosphere.



  • Clay Academy engages learners, their families, and the community to develop the social, emotional and academic tools necessary to thrive in school and in today's global community.

    Dream Big! Set Goals! Take Action! 

Last Modified on October 16, 2020