• AVID October News

    Ms. Ganley-AVID Coordinator
    AVID Mission ALL students, especially those in the middle:

    Ÿ Will succeed in rigorous curriculum

    Ÿ Complete a college preparatory path

    Ÿ Enter mainstream activities in school

    Ÿ Increase college enrollment (4-yr)

    Ÿ Will become educated participants and leaders in a democratic society.


    AVID: Facts vs. Fiction AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.  This is an in-school, district and nation wide academic support program from students in middle and high school that helps prepare students for college and success.  Although AVID methods can be used by all students, the program specifically targets those who are academically in the middle and supports them as they participate in advanced classes.  AVID is designed to level the playing field for minority, low-income, and others without college going tradition in their family.   AVID is not a remedial program, a college outreach program, or a free ride.


    AVID is Growing!  Last year Busch-AAA Middle School was introduced to the AVID program through one AVID elective homeroom.  This year the program has grown.  We have three AVID elective homerooms this year, two in 8th grade and one in 7th grade with a total of 78 students.  Ms. McCulloch and Mr. Vierling are working hard with our eighth grade students to help them prepare for their journey to high school and beyond.  Ms. Ganley is working with our seventh graders to prepare them for the same journey.  Besides the three AVID elective teachers, Ms. Bottoms, Ms. Bright and Mr. Hanson work with the students to increase their understanding of concepts during tutorials.  We look forward to having a very successful year with AVID!


    Tips for Parents:

    Ÿ Talk to your student about school, find out about their classes, what they are studying and who their friends are.

    Ÿ Look at their binder or assignment planner.  Praise their successes and find ways to help their weaknesses.

    Ÿ Be enthusiastic and supportive

    Ÿ Help your child find a good place to study and do their homework.  Be aware of how much time they spend of homework.  Students may need assistance with prioritizing their time and activities.

    Ÿ Be a good audience for your student by listening to them as they read, recite or talk about their work

    Ÿ Ask questions to help clarify what they are working on and prepare for test

    Ÿ Remind students to keep a positive attitude about others when working collaboratively

    Ÿ Teach and encourage your child to be a role-model and leader in class

    Ÿ Encourage students to participate in extra-curricular activities and help them keep track of their time

    Ÿ Be aware of opportunities to take college entrance exams

    Ÿ Contact the AVID team if you have questions about high school or college

    Ÿ Talk to your student about their personal interests and future goals.  Be supportive, listen, ask questions, and offer observations

    Ÿ Talk to your student about different careers that match their interest

    Ÿ Talk to your student about different high schools and colleges that they may be interested in attending.  If possible gather information or arrange a visit for to various schools.





Last Modified on October 19, 2009