• Mr. Baki Fox  
    Name: Baki Fox
    Room Number(s): 120
    Subject(s): 8th Grade Science
    Building Phone: 314-231-0413
    Cell Phone: (314) 724-3717
    Planning Periods: 2nd period
    Monday, - Friday--7:25-8:40
    Teacher Availability:     
    Mondays-Fridays 11:00-100
    Welcome parents and student,
    During this time we are out of school I will be posting assignment on my page under the virtual learning tab.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Use this link to get your assignment.
    Mr. Fox

                                        *8th Grade Science Syllabus



     HMH 8th Grade Science edition


    *Supplementary Materials

    Additional lab equipment will be used 

    Lab safety contract will be given to student for parent to sign



    Computers will be used to complete some assignments

    *Students Expectations


    *All students are expected to maintain a science folder. (Need to bring from home)


    *All students are expected to maintain a science journal.


    *All students need to maintain a note card collection of terms and questions in science. (Need to bring from home)


    *Students are expected to complete all assignments on time.


    *Students are expected to participate in Labs.


    *Students are expected to study for 20 minutes each day for homework.


    *Students are expected to follow all rules and procedures of my class and the school.




    Student will be given a warning if any rule or procedure is broken.  Any time after the warning, lunch detention could be assigned.  If behavior does not change, parents will be notified.  If problems still continue, a referral will be given to an administrator.



    Students are expected to study their note cards for 20 minutes each day.  Pop quizzes will be given to assess homework completion.

    Students are expected to turn in any additional homework on time. Homework will only be accepted a day late. Late homework will not receive full credit.  Quizzes and test can be made-up any time for excused absences. 


    *Supplies Needed

                *Color Markers

                *Note cards

                *Spiral notebook






    Test/Quizzes                                                    30%


    Class work                                                      30%


    Class participation                                           20%


    Homework                                                      20%



    *Subjects taught each Quarter.


    First Quarter




    Second Quarter


                Force and Motion


    Third Quarter


                Earth and Solar Systems


    Fourth Quarter


                Map Review Plate Movements 


    Teaching experience=18years

    Graduated with a Degree in biological Science Central Missouri State University.

    Graduated with an advance degree in Middle School Science and Education UMSL.