• ·        Compton-Drew  Band/Orchestra

    The Compton-Drew band  has multiple performance levels.  Beginning band is comprised of the 6th graders and the intermediate band is comprised of 7th & 8th grade students with previous experience playing an instrument or who a participated in the 6th grade band.


    ·        Girls Scouts “PAVE “ program –“Girls’ Pwer”

    Anti-violence prevention program that deals with aggression among girls and teaches empowerment

    ·        Girl Scouts “Catch a Dream” program

    Program focuses on self-awareness and self-esteem issues and goal setting.



    ·      National Junior Honor Society

    The National Junior Honor Society is an organization designed to recognize students for academic achievement in addition to community service.  Students who participate in the National Junior Honor Society must complete a rigorous application process including receiving teacher recommendations, writing an application essay, and interviewing with a panel of teachers.  Once accepted into the honor society, students are presented at a school-wide ceremony at which faculty and staff where their hoods from the highest level of education received to honor life-long learning and express to the entire student body the prestige associated with receiving an education.

    ·       Secrets of Sisterhood (SOS)

    SOS is an organization created by the female staff at Compton-Drew to support our female student population.  Approximately 51% of our current enrollment is comprised of young women and through a collection of a wide variety of data, it was determined that they needed additional support to encourage positive social and emotional growth and development among them.  Through this “Girls Club” of which all young women in the building are a member, the female staff schedules activities and events to usher the young men through issues they may confront in their adolescent years and how to cope with those difficulties and make positive choices.  

    ·          Student Council

    The student council is elected by the student body annually.  Monthly, the student council has a meeting and following the meeting the executive board has a meeting with school administration to express concerns and address common goals.