All students have the right to a safe education.  There is pride in the Compton-Drew ILC Middle School.   Everyone must work together to maintain a positive school environment.  Compton-Drew ILC students are expected to make informed decisions, think and act responsibly, and when in doubt, get assistance from staff, faculty, and parents.  Compton-Drew ILC students are expected to follow the rules, regulations, and policies of the St. Louis Public School District.  Review the ‘Students Rights and Responsibilities’ handbook with your parent(s) or guardian(s).  Parents and students must sign the tear-out page and return it to school immediately.



    Research indicates that uniform dress instills pride and promotes unity.  We, therefore, require students to wear uniform dress colors every day. 

    Uniform Dress Attire

      • Khaki or navy blue bottom (slacks or skirt)
      • Solid navy blue or solid burgundy top (polo shirt, button-up shirt, or blouse)
      • All shirts must be tucked in and pants must be worn with a belt at the waist.

    Dress Not Permitted

      • Sagging pants or tall-tees
      • Commercial logos and/or graphics
      • Hats, purses, jackets, etc are to remain in the locker during the school day (or they will be confiscated and a parent must return to pick them up)
      • Sandals and/or flip-flops
      • Shorts may be worn only with the permission of the school administrators.  Administrators will notify parents, students and staff when they are permissible.
      • Shorts or skirts above the knee



    A.M. Entry

    Students will enter the building each morning using the following protocol:

    1.      Get off the bus and line up at the flag pole (west) door.

    2.      Enter the building with book bags open.

    3.      Place book bags, jackets, and other loose items on the table for inspection by security.

    4.      Walk in a single file line through the metal detector. If a student sets off the metal detector.  They are to empty their pockets and walk back through.  If the detector still beeps, students will be “wanded”.  (wanding includes the use of a hand-held metal detector)

    5.      After entering the building, students should proceed to the cafeteria for breakfast, or straight to the gymnasium if they elect not to eat breakfast.  Students are not to walk down the halls or hang out in the lobby. 

    6.      While in the cafeteria, students are to quietly eat their breakfast and remain seated.

    7.      Upon entering the gymnasium, students are to be seated on the floor in their designated grade level area:

    ·         8th grade – east wall (in front of stage)

    ·         7th grade – south wall

    ·         6th grade – west wall

    8.      At 7:05 a.m. all students will begin transitioning to the classroom wing of the building.

    9.      Students will be called by grade level to exit the north gymnasium door.

    10.  Students will travel up the east hallway (related arts hallway) past the fish tank to the main hallway stairwell to their respective classroom(s).

    All male students must have shirts tucked in with belts before entering the building and at all times while on school premises.

    P.M. Dismissal

    Students will prepare to exit the building each afternoon using the following protocol:

    1.      Students will go to their locker for P.M. locker time to gather all needed materials & belongings to go home.

    2.      Go to their homeroom class and be seated quietly to await P.M. announcements.

    3.      Busses will be called over the public address (P.A.) system in the order that they arrive:

    ·         6th grade students are dismissed early for the first 2 weeks of school and escorted to their bus by their classroom teacher.

    ·         Busses are called 4 times.

    ·         After the fourth call for busses, all students who have not heard their bus will be instructed to the flag pole.

    4.      Students are to come down their assign stairwell after hearing their bus and get immediately on their bus.  No playing is allowed at bus time. To avoid students missing the bus or causing bus dismissal to be late.



              In order to promote higher learning and discourage disruptive behaviors, Compton-Drew ILC Middle School has an In School Suspension (ISS) system in place.  It is our primary goal to keep our students in school everyday, even when discipline infractions occur.  When a student has committed an infraction, they will be sent to ISS at the discretion of the administrator.  Both the child and his/her parents will be notified of the placement in ISS by the assigning administrator.  Depending on the severity of the infraction, students could be placed in ISS for one day or up to five days. 

    The Guidelines for ISS are as follows:

    1.      Students will remain in ISS from arrival to dismissal.

    2.     Students must bring all of their belongings to ISS and may not visit their lockers.

    3.     Students will eat in the ISS room under the supervision of the assistant principal or their designee.

    4.     Students will be allowed to use the restroom and will be escorted as a group under the supervision of the ISS instructor.

    5.     Students will be expected to complete their work as if they were in the classroom.

    6.     Teachers will have daily work prepared so that their students do not miss any quality assignments.

    7.     Students may not snack, sleep, or waste time in ISS.  Any student who chooses to do these things will have in school suspension changed to out of school suspension and parents will be notified.

    8.     Only the principal, assistant principal, or the principal’s designee may assign a student to ISS.


    Each student will be issued a combination lock and be assigned a locker for the school year.  Students are responsible for maintaining the privacy of their lock combination number.  Replacement locks are $5.00.  Students may use their locker only at designated times. Students are responsible for returning the lock to their homeroom teacher prior to promotion to the next grade.  Lockers should remain closed and locked at all class times.  Students who fail to lock their lockers will be responsible for any missing items.  Students should keep their lockers neat and organized through periodic cleaning and removal of unneeded items.  Students are not to place anything on the outside of their lockers, they should remain blank.  Random locker checks will be done throughout the year.  Only locks issued by the school are permitted on the lockers.  Students are to use their lockers to store and retrieve books, coats, and other school materials at the following times:

    (1)    Before 1st  period

    (2)    Before Related Arts period

    (3)    After/before lunch

    (4)    Before dismissal

     Students are only permitted to use their lockers at the times listed above because locker noise disturbs the instructional program.  Students should plan ahead and choose the appropriate books and materials needed for their next classes. Students will not be allowed to leave their class and go to their lockers.


      NOTE: No electronic devices are to be brought to the school in accordance with SLPS District guidelines.  Electronics brought to the school will be confiscated and may only be picked up by the parent/guardian on the following friday.  Neither The school nor any of it’s staff members are responsible in any way for confiscated items in the event they are lost or stolen while on school property.  All books bags belong in the lockers during class time, as they are a safety hazard in the classroom aisles.  hats, purses, and jackets are to remain in the lockers.  These items are not to be brought to class.


    Students with acceptable behavior will participate in out-of-building field experiences.  Parents of students with unacceptable behavior will be required to accompany them on out-of-building field experiences. All students are required to submit a signed Field Experience form (permission slip) in order for students to participate in field experiences.  Phone calls, faxes, and hand-written notes will not be accepted as parent permission slips. No field trips will be funded by SLPS.  Transportation cost maybe the cost of the parent.



    All meals are to be eaten in the lunchroom.  Gum is not permitted in the school building.  Students are expected to deposit trash in the containers provided and to behave in an orderly manner at all times.  Vending machines may be used only with the permission of the administrator on duty.  All products purchased from the machines must be consumed in the cafeteria.  No food will leave the cafeteria.


    Lunch & Recess

    1.      Students will be escorted to lunch during their scheduled lunch period by their classroom teachers.

    2.      Students are to be seated quietly in the cafeteria until their table is called to line up for lunch.  Tables will not be called until all students are quietly seated in the cafeteria.

    3.      Lunch monitors will call students to line up for lunch.

    4.      Students will get their lunch from the cafeteria staff and then punch in their lunch ID number.

    5.      After getting their lunch, students are to return to their seat and complete eating their lunch.

    6.      Before being permitted to go outside, students must have their eating area clean.  All trash and debris must be in the trash can.

    7.      The last 10 minutes of lunch, students may be allowed to go out onto the school yard and play, weather permitting.

    8.      At the end of the lunch period, the adult monitor(s) will blow a whistle and students will line up in their designated location for re-entry into the building.

    At the discretion of lunch monitors, recess or opportunities may be revoked for failure to follow the lunch periods rule.



    The school is responsible for the students between 6:30a.m. and 2:07 p.m.  It is necessary to know where students are during these hours.  A certified hall pass will be issued to any student who has been given permission to leave the classroom when the class is in session.  When students pass from one class to another, they are to walk in the hallways, keeping to the right so all students may arrive on time to their class and in an orderly fashion. 

    Students are required to have a hall pass issued by their classroom teacher or school administrator whenever they are in the hallway without adult supervision.  Hall passes are issued in the following instances:

    ·         Restroom visit (individual)

    ·         Media Center (library) visit

    ·         Class visit (to see another teacher in another class)

    ·         Support services (nurse, social worker, counselor)

    ·         Office visit (to go to the office for emergency reasons only)

    When students have the privilege of passing in the hallway with a hall pass, it is expected that students are respectful of their learning and the learning of others.  They are to arrive on time and follow the expected decorum for hallway behavior – quiet and well-mannered to adults and peers.



    Riding the school bus is a privilege, not a right!  It is ultimately the parent’s responsibility to see that their child is at school every day.  Students are expected to arrive at their bus stop on time, use extreme caution in approaching and leaving the bus, and behave in an orderly manner at all times to insure the safety of all.  Transportation concerns should be reported to the assistant principal.  Call First Student for pickup/drop off concerns.  Hall Street:  621-9790; Spring:  772-3184; and Union/70: 

    389-1111. Students who do not use transportation provided by the St. Louis Public Schools should make their afternoon travel arrangements prior to coming to school in the morning.  It is expected at the middle school level that students take more responsibility for themselves, and not have to make daily contact with a parent for those arrangements.