The Counselor and Social Worker are available to provide a variety of services to all students and families in an effort to improve academic performance and test taking skills, build positive attitudes and relationships, and encourage regular attendance.  Career guidance and referrals for special education concerns and/or needs are also offered.



    The School Nurse is available for health concerns. All students entering middle school are required to have an updated immunization history to include 3 hepatitis dates, 2 MMR dates and a Td booster.  Students should receive needed immunizations over the summer break, and then send an official copy from their medical provider and/or a copy of the shot record with the student’s name and birth date to the school nurse.

    The nurse is not allowed to dispense any medication(this also applies to adults) nor is she to administer any medication without a completed medication form signed by a licensed physician and a parent or legal guardian.  All medication must be received in original labeled container with the student’s name on it.

    When a student becomes sick at school, he/she will see the school nurse.  After the nursing evaluation, if it is necessary for the student to go home the legal parent/legal guardian will be contacted by the nurse.

    The school nurse should be informed if your child has any health concern (asthma, allergies, diabetes, seizures, heart issues, takes daily medication, etc).

    In addition, please be advised of the following:

    1.      All medical excuses must be updated with a physician’s statement every school year.

    2.      A completed physical examination is required of all students new to the St. Louis Public Schools.

    3.      For students with health concerns, a yearly completed physical examination is required.

    4.     To participate in supervised interscholastic athletics, a physician’s signed physical examination is required yearly.