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    Name: Ms.Shonda V. Ayers
    Room Number(s): Main Office
    Subject(s): Family & Community Specialist
    Building Phone: (314)652-9282

    My name is Shonda Ayers. I am the Family and Community Specialist for Compton – Drew ILC Middle School. My responsibilities are to develop strategies for promoting an effective school-family-community partnership utilizing the Title 1 guidelines and regulations. I would like to welcome you all to the Compton-Drew ILC Middle School family.

    Research indicates that family involvement is schools increases student achievement (Henderson & Berla, 1994; Ballen & Moles, 1994; Epstein, 1995). The benefits of parent involvement include higher test scores and grades, better attendance, completion of homework, positive attitudes and behavior. As an extension of this partnership, schools can emphasize a broad base of community involvement.

    By taking a collaborative approach to the development of a family- involvement program, schools can form successful partnerships with families and community groups to improve the educational and social achievement of our students. The synergy resulting from such partnerships enable students to see the connection between the curriculum in the school and the skills that are required in the real world. Perhaps most important is that when responsibility for children’s learning is shared by the school, home, and community, children have more opportunities for meaningful, engaged learning.

    “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. – Hellen Keller. So let us work together and make this an excellent school year.



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