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    Mrs. Johnson
    Name: Esta E. Johnson
    Room Number: 309
    Subject(s): 6th Grade ELA
    Building Phone: 314-652-9282
    Appointments via Zoom
    Please send a request for an appointment at least 24 hours in advance so I'll be able to give you the necessary information:
    BA Degree in Language Arts/Speech and Drama
    Concordia College-Moorehead, MN.
    Teacher Message:

     WOW!! What a way for me to WELCOME you to the Compton-Drew ILC Middle School Dolphin
    family.  Nevertheless, thank-you for being an important part of this school.  Without your 
    cooperation, patience and understanding, our students would not be successful.
    I am Mrs.E.Johnson and I have been an educator for many years, however, every year is more
    exciting and challenging than the one before.  (This one tops them all.) :)).  I have two children
    (both grown) and two grandsons, Kyle (12) and Blake (5).  We always take family
    vacations but missed this summer for obvious reasons.  So I know we'll have to do
    something REALLY BIG when things get better, and they will.  I enjoy reading, going to the
    movies, playing a good game of "bid-whiz" with friends, and of course spending quality time with
    Kyle and Blake.
    I'm excited about this year because I know that my students have grown and matured over the
    summer.  I'm anxious to continue from what they learned during elementary years and move
    forward knowing that each child is a unique individual and each one comes to me with a thirst
    for knowledge.  
    As I begin this year with the mind set of "WE'RE BETTER TOGETHER" in order to "CONTINUE 
    the TRADITION of EXCELLENCE",  please understand that my goals and objectives are to empower
    my students, especially at this level, as they seek answers and solutions about the world around
    them.   I'm looking forward to establishing and maintaining a teacher-parent rapport that ensures
    your trust in me with your child for the remainder of the school year, whether virtual or in-person.
    Congratulations to you parents for all that you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!