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    Name: Mrs. Joan Frischman
    Room Number(s): 302
    Subject(s): Mathematics
    Building Phone:  314-652-9282
     WATCH SOON!!!!
    The plans for online classes is in the works!!! They are to start on Monday April 6th.
    Teacher Message: Hi everyone!! I hope all is well and you have enjoyed some down time.  Now is the time to get going again.  I know this is a different time in our lives but if we look for the positive and set small goals each day it will go by quicker than you think.
    We are working on how to help you to learn from home until we can be together again.
    Most of all I want everyone to stay safe and stay home.  Wash your hands!! Be smart!!
    If you are getting bored from playing your game then look up many of the online resources to enhance.  There are virtual tours and many videos that can improve your knowledge.   
    I am missing your smiles, your stories, your hugs and the energy that you brought to the classroom.  Before you know it we will be togehter again and learning!! Something that I am missing.
    If you haven't gotten your learning packet yet - they have copies at the schools where the lunches are being handed out. It is large BUT realize its for 6th, 7th and 8th grade Math, ELA, and Science. 
    Biography: I have been teaching in the St. Louis Public Schools since 1994. I have taught sixth and seventh grade math and science, eighth and ninth grade algebra, as well as my numerous involvements in many after school programs. These include but are not limited to: dance, spelling bee's, summer school, poms, math and science fair coordinator and judge. I am not only a teacher from 7am to 3pm but also a teacher at home, as I am a mother of four and a grandma of 3.  I enjoy spending time with family and friends, catching up on my weekly programs and of course watching sports.