• Eiffel Tower
    Name: Barbara Sarich
    Room Number(s): 305
    Subject(s): French
    Building Phone: (314) 773-0027
    Bonjour!  My name is Barbara Sarich. This year, I will be teaching French to the 8th grade and all levels of the high school.  Although we won't be able to start the year face to face, I am excited to get to know all of you and to share my love of the French langauge.
    Biography:  I began learning French in the 6th grade and continued studying throughout high school and college.  I have had the pleasure of traveling to France more than 20 times, frequently with students. I am married and my husband and I have two adult children.   We love to travel for pleasure and to visit family scattered around the globe. 
    Education:  I received my AB from Washington University and my Masters in Education from Maryville University with an emphasis on Gifted Education.  I have certification in French (grades k-12), English (grades 7-12) and Gifted Education (grades k-12)
    I believe that learning another language is a very important skill, as it helps to build bridges between people.  Learning another language opens the door to the rest of the world!  Bienvenue à la classe de français!.
    Madame Sarich