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    Name: Barbara Sarich
    Room Number(s): 305
    Subject(s): French
    Building Phone: (314) 773-0027
    Teacher Message: Bonjour!  Learning another language opens the door to the rest of the world!  Bienvenue à la classe de français!
    Dear students and parents, 
    Bonjour,  tout le monde! I am so sorry that we didn't get to finish out the year face to face!  I hope that your summer will be wonderful and healthy! 
    In order to keep up your French during Summer Break, there are several websites that you  might use:
    • Conjuguemos..com:  This website has vocabulary and grammar lessons for many languages.  When you go to the website click on French and they will ask you whether you want to study grammar or vocabulary.  If you want to study vocabulary, they have it arranged by textbook.  Go to Discovering French Today (sometimes it will say Nouveau) Leel 1, and clisk on the link.  Once there, you will see that all of the chapters are listed.  Click on the one that applies to your level of French, and they will have a variety of things you can do.  I recommend the pre-made flashcards, which can be printed out and have both French and English translations.  If you want to review grammar, you will look for categories, like verb conjugation.
    • DuoLingo:  This website is great for vocabulary.  It will even give you proper pronunciation.  It is not tied to any textbook, but is great for expanding your vocabulary.
    • Quizlet:  There are Quizlets available for all of the chapters we have worked on, with flashcards and other activities.
    • Youtube:  There are many videos available to help with grammar and vocabulary.  I was able to find the entire video program for our book by typing in "Youtube Discovering French Bleu".  There is an entry posted by Mary Kate Weller, that has 50 short videos that go directly with the chapters we were studying.  They will show you culture, as well as provide excellent listening activities.  Bonne chance!
    Here is the Summer Reading List for 2020 from the district:  Summer Reading List 2020_
    I hope you will go back over the study guides that you have already received and take a look at some of the websites mentioned above, so that you can continue to practice your French this summer.  I look forward to seeing you when school starts up again.  Bonnes vacances!
    Madame Sarich 
    Biography: Madame Sarich holds an AB from Washington University and a Masters in Education from Maryville University with an emphasis on Gifted Education.  She holds Missouri Certification in French (grades k-12), English (7-12) and Gifted Education (k-12).