• Dr. Kesselring
    Name: Jason Kesselring
    Email: jason.kesselring@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 314
    Subject(s): Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology 
    Building Phone: 314-773-0027
    Schedule (Starting Aug. 31)
    Mondays and Wednesdays ("A" Days):
    Anatomy & Physiology (1st Period) 7:10 AM to 8:25 AM
    AP Chemistry (2nd Period) 8:30 AM to 9:45 AM 
    AP Chemistry (3rd Period) 9:50 AM to 11:05 AM
    Tuesdays and Thursdays ("B" Days):
    Anatomy & Physiology (5th Period) 7:10 AM to 8:25 AM
    AP Biology (6th Period) 8:30 AM to 9:45 AM
    AP Biology (7th Period) 9:50 AM to 11:05 AM
    Will alternate A and B schedules
    Planning time:
    "A" Days & "B" Days - 11:10 AM to 12:30 PM
    Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! I'm very excited to have students BACK in the classroom. That's the best part of teaching!
    I teach primarily 11th and 12th grades students. From the class times I have listed, I teach Anatomy and Physiology, AP Chemistry, and AP Biology. This is my fourth year teaching, my fourth year with SLPS, and (you guessed it) my fourth year at McKinley!
    For my students and parents, please email me. It is the best, most efficient way to reach me. I do not have a phone in my room. My address is:
    I assure you, I respond promptly!
    As a former pediatrician, bring a lot of practical knowledge about science (and a few other things!) to the classroom. One of the best parts about teaching is helping students realize that science isn't as complicated as they think. I think the beautiful thing about the subjects that I teach is that students can learn how to think broadly AND in a logical, ordered manner at the same time. Once students get the swing of it, the world really opens up - and that kind of approach is applicable to a great many things beyond science!
    I am married to my wife since June 2000. We have two children - a 16 year old son and a 13 year old daughter. We have 4 pets - 2 guinea pigs, an 19 year old rescue conure (I really, REALLY like birds), and a dog. Outside of the classroom, hobbies include hiking, running, and cooking.
    B.A. Knox College, Chemistry, 1999
    M.D. Rush Medical College, 2003
    Residency in Pediatrics, Saint Louis University - Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center, 2006
    Welcome Video:
    I have a short video recorded and uploaded for you - just so you have a little information about me and my classes for the new school year!