• Dr. Kesselring
    Name: Jason Kesselring
    Email: jason.kesselring@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 314
    Subject(s): Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology 
    Building Phone: 314-773-0027
    Online Office Hours
    Monday - AP Chem 11 AM to Noon; Anatomy Noon to 1PM
    Tuesday - Chemistry 11 AM to 1 PM
    Wednesday - AP Chem 11 AM to 1 PM
    Thursday - Anatomy 11 AM to Noon, Chemistry Noon to 1PM
    Friday - Anatomy 11 AM to Noon, Chemistry Noon to 12:30, AP Chem 12:30 PM to 1 PM
    Teacher Message: 
    Welcome to my SLPS teacher web page! If you are a student or family of a student - I am excited to be working with you for the upcoming school year! I have an account on Schoology where I post lecture slides, information packets, outlines, and homework (if needed). Your student will have hard copies of the assignments and either a textbook or an e-book to utilize. Schoology is not meant to replace distributing materials to the students, but is there in case something gets lost, more resources are needed, or your child misses class and needs to keep up. The students are given an access code - please just email me if I need to send the information again!
    I really enjoy science, but I don't love science just for the sake of being a "science nerd." The value, as I see it, is learning different ways to think and tackle problems. If done correctly, you can take a knowledge set, approach some unknown variables, and make some predictions how the world will operate. That's the real power of science.
    Parents and Students - If you go to my individual class pages, you will find assignments and work posted there. Per my usual, I am also posting work to Schoology.
    Do not worry about grades, as I am not worried about grading. Right not, we learn for the sake of learning. We learn to take our minds off of the world around us. We learn because we will need this knowledge going forward. Students - do the best you can. If you can only do a little, that's fine. If you can it all, that's fine. The work is not posted to be punitive. Rather, it is there to keep us prepared so we can make whatever progress we can make. Do your best - I am doing mine and will always do whatever I can to support you.
    I am married to my wife since June 2000. We have two children - a 13 year old son and a 10 year old daughter. We have 3 pets - 2 guinea pigs and a parakeet (I really, REALLY like birds). Outside of the classroom, hobbies include running, hiking, and barbecue. This is my 2nd year in teaching and my 2nd year at McKinley. I'm very happy to be here!!!
    B.A. Knox College, Chemistry, 1999
    M.D. Rush Medical College, 2003
    Residency in Pediatrics, Saint Louis University - Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center, 2006