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    Name: Dr. Saadia Baker
    Email: saadia.baker@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 304
    Subject(s): Arabic Language
    Building Phone: 367-9222 ext. 44333
    Teacher Message:  Welcome to Arabic Language class at Soldan International Studies High School. Learning a foreign language takes time and dedication, but the reward is tremendous.  Language learning is cumulative; we accumulate vocabulary, grammatical structures, and cultural information over time. Each step of language study relies on the one before and builds gradually to form a strong foundation.  Language learning is comprehensive; it consists of listening, speaking, reading and writing. In my class students will learn all those skills and more!

    Learning Arabic will provide a competitive advantage to our students and open many doors of employment in business, commerce, trade, and State Department and Law Enforcement agencies and many others.

    I have the awesome responsibility of making sure that every student learns the required content. At the same time student is responsible for the following; practice vocabulary daily, try to do as much learning as possible during class, sustain good attendance and participate actively in the class. From the beginner to advanced levels, the focus of this class is to provide students with great tools of communication in Arabic.

    Biography:  I am a native Arabic speaker born in Baghdad/Iraq. I earned my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Earth Science/Geology from Baghdad University. I received my PhD degree in Geophysics/ Seismology from St. Louis University. I worked for six year at St. Louis University. I also worked at Washington University as a research scientist for five years in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. During my years in Washington University, I developed and produced an educational movie of seismic wave propagation for college level students. I taught three year collage level classes.  I have been teaching Arabic language in St. Louis Public Schools for 11 years.