• Welcome to the Library!Welcome to the Library!
    My name is Mrs. S. Williams and I am the Librarian  at Bryan Hill Elementary. I have worked at this wonderful school for the past 14 years and it is my pleasure to connect students to the exciting world of literature.

    Our library has a number of books and other resources that are available to all students, teachers, and parents. Each student has the opportunity to select a book from our collection at least once a week. The library is open between the hours of 8:00AM and 4:00PM.
    Library Expectations:
    Be Safe:
    We walk in the library at all times
    Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    We keep our chair and table legs on the floor.
    We only use shelf markers as placeholders when getting a book off of the shelves
    Be Responsible:
    Be respectful of the books by not writing, drawing, or tearing any pages in them
    We should not leave our library books in the gym, the cafeteria, restrooms, playground, or any other areas of the school
    Return books on time, so that others may have a chance to read the book.
    Be Respectful :
    Use kind words and actions
    Be appropriately quiet so that others can work without disturbance
    Use indoor voices in the library
    Raise a quiet hand, when you need to make a statement or ask a question
    Look and Listen when someone is speaking (Active Listening)
    Please feel free to stop by at any time!