• AESM Drum Line
    Miss Smith
    Music Specialist
    AESM Drum Line Director
    Building Phone 314.345.5673
    Teacher Message:
    "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."   ~Berthold Auerbach
    "Music is what feelings sound like."   ~Author Unknown
    "I think its so cool that you can pick up the guitar
    and create something that didn't exist 5 minutes ago.
    You can write something that no ones ever heard before.
    You have music at your fingertips."       ~Michelle Branch
    Miss Smith has been singing since she was four, drumming since she was 13, writing music since she was 14, and playing guitar since high school.  She graduated from DePauw University located in Greencastle, IN with a Bachelor of Music Education (Choral/General) in 2005.  She began her career teaching private lessons and part-time music.  Miss Smith also valued her experience substitute teaching in various districts.  She has taught music for many years and enjoys teaching middle school music and drum line.