• Mr. Jim Wiesen  
    James M. Wiesen 
    Work Experience Coordinator
    The responsibility of a Work Experience Coordinator is to ensure that students with disabilities have a supportive transitional program in place.  Through a collaborative effort with staff, all students with Individual Education Plans complete interest inventories.  Students research identified careers and are assisted in developing realistic transitional goals pertaining to post secondary education, employment and independent living skills.
    In addition to receiving transitional guidance, identified students also participate in service programs within the St. Louis community.  Basic work skills are developed and prove to be a pathway for success as students transition from community service to paid employment opportunities through SLATE/MERS, AOJESS and DDR grants.
    Post secondary transition referrals to Vocational Rehabilitation and Developmental Disabilities agencies provide life time support for students which will assist them in becoming productive members of our communities. 
    For more information on transitional support services, feel free to contact me at 314.766.6040 Ext. 46528 or email me at jim.wiesen@slps.org.