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    Name: LaTosha Hayes
    Room Number(s): 224
    Subject(s): core subjects: language arts, math, science, s.s
    Building Phone: (314)241-8255
    Teacher Message:  

    Communication with parents is essential.  After all, you are your child’s first teacher.  I will be in contact with you on a regular basis so that we can ensure that your child’s needs are being met.   The best form of communication for me is email (less paper – Go Green!).  My email address is Latosha.hayes@slps.org.   Please provide your email address.  I will start mass emailing parents information such as homework, plans, and successes.  If you ever need to speak to me in person, you can email me or send a note with your child to schedule a conference. 

    Students and I created classroom expectations.  Expectations are stated positively.  Please remind your child that to produce positive works, they must think and feel positively.  The expectations are:

    1.       R-E-S-P-E-C-T everyone and everything!

    2.       Be responsible

    3.       Get permission to talk and walk

    4.       Keep hands and feet to myself

    5.       Passionately and purposefully L-E-A-R-N

    6.       Follow directions



    Hello Parents,

    Welcome, welcome, welcome to Gateway MST Elementary!  My name is Mrs. Hayes and even though I’m not new to teaching, I am a new teacher at Gateway MST Elementary.  My experience is rich in diversity.  Previously, I taught six years at Mallinckrodt Academy of Gifted Instruction.  During and before, I volunteered at my children’s school district (St. Louis Public, Ladue, and Brentwood). 

    I am fortunate to have been selected to take your child on a lifelong academic and social journey.  My mission within the classroom is to motivate your child to think critically, investigate, read, and respond both by writing and orally.  My mission outside of the classroom is to attend professional development and read current research articles to ensure that I am applying the best strategies for your child.