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    Ms. Tracy Jane Weidel
    Reading Intervention Teacher
    Email: tracyjane.weidel@slps.org
    Cell: 314.632.6155
    Room 109
     Hello parents and students! Welcome to my "quarantine class"! Starting April 6, 2020, Busch students will take their classes online.
    Note to Parents
    -Students will check in with me every Monday for their assignments for the week. They will have work to complete each weekday. There will be no more than 45-60 minutes of work for my class per day. Work is due every Friday, but I prefer students turn it in daily so that they do not get behind.
    -To access my class, students will log into http://mail.slps.org. From there, they will accept my invitation to our Microsoft Teams page. That is where they will do their assignments. There is a place in Microsoft Teams called Class Notebooks. Students will do their work there. Here are some instructions for how to do this.
    -I am here to help. Information on how to contact me is on the Contact Ms. Weidel page. 
    -If you do not have Internet or a computer/tablet, please call me at 314.632.6155 and I will walk you through how to access district resources. 
    -Though I prefer work to be submitted through teams, I will accept e-mailed classwork. Assignments that are listed in Microsoft Teams are also listed on the assignments page of this site.
    -I can provide alternative assignments for students who do not want to work over the computer. The district is offering learning packets both online and on paper. Please contact me if this is how you would like to approach learning right now. 
    -Classwork will vary each day and I will adjust it as we go and I'm able to assess where everyone is with online learning. Classwork will include free reading from independent novels, checking out online materials from the library, watching instructional videos, completing practice in an awesome program called iXL, and writing exercises. 
    -My entire goal is to work with you to keep your student reading, learning, and growing. I know online class cannot replace in-person learning at this point. I am sensitive to what your family may be going through right now and will be flexible in how I deliver my class. Please contact me if you have questions, concerns, or needs. 
    -This online class will be a pass/fail class. Additionally, your child's grade from 3rd quarter will also become their 4th quarter grade. I WILL NOT BE REDUCING ANYBODY'S GRADE. This online coursework can only help your student, it will not hurt them. Encourage them to log on and do their best so that they don't fall behind in reading. Again, the goal is to keep on learning and keep on reading, not to stress you out with lots of work or intense graded assignments. 
    THANK YOU for taking the time to help your student engage in my online class. I imagine this situation is difficult for a lot of families. You are appreciated. 
    Stay safe.
    Tracy Jane (Ms. Weidel) 
     Note to Students
     -I miss you very much and worry about you daily.
    -I hope you are staying safe and positive. 
    -We will get through this. This will not last forever.
    -I'm going to make this online class as fun as I can.
    -Our goal is to KEEP ON READING and improving our reading.
    -As long as you make an effort to do the work, you will pass.
    -Your grade will not go lower than what it was 3rd quarter. It can only go up. 
    -You will have an average of 30 minutes of work to complete every weekday for my class. 
    -Log on to my class every Monday and review the assignments for the week. Go to http://mail.slps.org. Accept the invite to Microsoft Teams from me. Inside of Teams, go to ASSIGNMENTS and you will find instructions for each day.
    -Do all of your work in Microsoft Teams. There is a CLASS NOTEBOOK tab at the top. There will be instructions each day in your ASSIGNMENT on how/where to do your work in the class notebook. I can see what you type in your notebook and will grade it each week! So cool! Here is a cheat sheet for how to work in your notebook.
    -You can also view your assignments for the week here and e-mail them to me. 
    -Here is information on how to contact me. I am here. I can help. I'm just an e-mail away.
    Ms. Weidel
     poetry reading
    "Judge each day not by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant."
    -Robert Louis Stevenson
    2019-2020 Course Description: 
    Our reading intervention class is called Literacy Power Hour.  Some schools call it reading intervention, developmental reading, or Read 180.  Students who have additional literacy needs will have a double-dose of literacy. They will take my class in addition to the standard core English Language Arts class. My class will be differentiated to meet the individual needs of each student. We will focus on reading and writing skills, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and the simple joy of reading. We will use a variety of assessment tools to determine which students are a best fit for Literacy Power Hour. This year I am excited to welcome a second reading intervention teacher, Mr. Martin, to our team, who will assist in serving our students. 
    About Ms. Weidel: 
    This is Ms. Weidel's 10th year with the district and 8th year at Busch Middle School of Character. Ms. Weidel is a SIOP-trained teacher. In 2015, Ms. Weidel was named the UrbanFUTURE Teacher of the Year. Ms. Weidel loves swimming, her cats (Sherbie and Mo), and Oxford commas. When she's not at school, she's exploring St. Louis, taking pictures, or planning her next trip. 
    Degrees and Certifications:
    • Master of Secondary Education- University of Missouri-St. Louis
    • Bachelor of Journalism in Strategic Communication- University of Missouri-Columbia
    • Career Certification, State of Missouri, 5-9 ELA