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    Welcome new and returning students and families to another exciting year of learning, creativity, and fun in the art studio at Dewey.

      What is art?  The answer to this question will be different for everyone and that is what makes for an exciting classroom environment! So, instead of always focusing on "copying" a project we are going to explore how to get inspiration from the art, the artist, and the objectives/skills we are focusing on. Art is very individual so I continually shift focus on each students abilities and strengths. I want all my studnets to find something they love about art and the art making process. Art can help students relax and unwind and my goal is for the art studio to be a calm and safe place for all my students.

    Grading in the ART Studio: Your child's grade will come in the form of daily points. These points are based on being on task in the studio. There are many things that are concidered off task and we will discuss them, along with how the points work, on multiple occasions.



    I am very excited to start the 2019/20 school year and can not wait to see the amazing art produced in studio this year!!!!




    Ms. Simmons



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